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  About Us

We are manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of quality surgical, Dental, Beauty & Veterinary instruments, RIGEL INDUSTRIES is dedicated to serve and supply the worldwide medical industry with the highest quality.
It is aimed to carry a global reputation for surgical Instruments of outstanding quality, precision and cost-effectiveness on basis of profound RIGEL INDUSTRIES wisdom.

RIGEL INDUSTRIES main strength is based on the philosophy of creation of this company with a clear vision of the market needs, RIGEL INDUSTRIES knows what it takes to build upscale surgical instruments;

  • To prioritize quality, cost and customer services.
  • To specify products to meet surgeons' requirements, most effective way of ensuring that consumers receive a fair deal.
  • To build surgeons' needs prior to the products launch.


  • To provide surgical, Dental, Beauty instruments of highest quality , precision and cost-effectiveness.
  • To develop the reputation of the RIGEL INDUSTRIES, as a world-class environment for collaborative research in the development and continuous innovation of surgical instruments to facilitate the treatment of surgical diseases across the globe in the best public interest.
  • To manufacture the products in intensive care and with precision as we understand the sensitivity of items are related to human life.
  • To develop advances in design-to-manufacture technology this will lead to shorter product development cycles.
  • To streamline the production and translation of product, regulatory and marketing documentation to keep pace.

RIGEL INDUSTRIES believe that providing surgeons with surgical instruments 
WHAT, WHEN, HOW Surgeons want,
is the key to a successful surgery which will facilitate the treatment of surgical diseases across the globe.

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